How do I become a Civil Circuit Certified Mediator?

The process of becoming a mediator is outlined on the State of Florida Courts’ website (  Click on the tabs links for General Public, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Certification Qualifications for a Step-by-Step Guide.

Do I have to be an attorney to serve as a mediator for the program?

No, but you must hold current certification as a Civil Circuit Mediator, have successfully completed an approved foreclosure mediation certification course, and be a member of the Hillsborough County Bar Association.

How do I apply to become a mediator for the Thirteenth Circuit’s Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program?

For an application packet, please contact the Hillsborough County Bar Foundation by telephone 813-490-5042 or email

Do I have to reside/have my principal place of business in Hillsborough County?

No, you may reside/have your principal place of business in a Florida county other than Hillsborough.  However, you must be a member of the Hillsborough County Bar Association.

How will cases be assigned to mediators, and how many cases can I expect to receive?

Case assignment will be made on a random rotation basis. The number of cases that a mediator can expect to receive is uncertain because:

  • The number of cases referred to the program cannot be predicted from month-to-month
  • The mediator list is extensive so you are not guaranteed any specific number of cases to be assigned to you.
  •  Issues with scheduling coordination or other unforeseen circumstances will impact the number of cases each mediator receives.
  • Rotation of mediators is random. Do not call to inquire as to your number on the list or to solicit additional cases. Attempts to solicit additional cases may result in you being removed from the mediator list.


How can I check on my case/schedule status?

Mediators will be able to access the RMFM Program Case Management Interface ( to check on their cases. If you have any issues accessing a case, registering as a user, or any other questions regarding the RMFM Program Case Management Interface, please contact The Center for Financial Counseling at 877-822-4083.

Do I need to bring a laptop computer to the mediation session?

You may bring a laptop, however, paper copies of the mediation reports and blank settlement agreements will be provided at mediation.

What else should I bring to the mediation session?

Mediators are encouraged to bring their own snacks and/or lunch as food is not provided and there may be limited time to leave the building in between mediation sessions. Coffee and water is provided.

How long will the mediation session last?

The session will typically last between one and one-half hours to two hours, however, the session can continue as long as necessary for the parties to resolve the case.  When scheduling Mediators we make every attempt to book a full day of Mediations unless otherwise desired.  Please note our office does not open until 8:30 a.m.  Do not expect to enter the facility prior to 8:30 a.m.

What is the Mediator Short List?

The Mediator Short List is a list of Mediators who would like to fill in for last minute scheduling and incomplete days.  To be included on the Mediator Short List, Please email:

Are mediation observers permitted?

The HCBF does not coordinate observers.  Observers are permitted barring objection by one of the parties and are to be coordinated by the mediator.  Mediations will start at the scheduled time and will not be delayed due to an observer running late.  If you plan to bring an observer, you must notify the Program Manager in advance.

Other Considerations:

Due to past complaints and previous allergic reactions, please do not wear heavy perfume or cologne to mediation.  We appreciate your consideration of others.